Rossignol BC 65 Positrack w/ BC Auto 2020/2021

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The Rossignol BC 65 Positrack cross-country skis with bindings are an amazing setup that literally knows no bounds. Thanks to the emergence of backcountry and adventure skiing over the past few years, the ski companies have come up with some cool stuff. Rossignol's BC 65 is a staple in the Nordic world, as they have a lot of attributes that put them in the discussion for a true one-ski quiver setup for backcountry, Nordic, and adventure skiing. With a 65 mm tip width, they still fit in the track, but also have the extra width and stability that's necessary for off-trail adventures. Underfoot, the positrack grip system will hold you tight to the terrain and snow conditions no matter what, giving you the confidence to go further into the winter woods than you ever thought possible. Full-metal edges only boost that confidence factor, making sidehilling and downhilling a lot easier and more fun than you ever even knew. If you're coming from a standard touring ski and get on these, they'll fell like light weight tanks that can literally go anywhere. When paired with the BC auto touring bindings with the bigger bar receiver, you're getting a ton of control and power, without losing the maneuverability and ease of use that true Nordic skis have to have in their character. For skiers looking to push the boundaries, the Rossignol BC 65 Positrack cross-country skis with BC Auto touring bindings are an ideal choice.



  • Sidecut: 65/53/60
  • Wood/Air core
  • Steel Edges
  • Positrack Grip System
  • BC Auto Bindings
  • Ability level: Advanced Skiers
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