Snow Eagle Exec Heated Bag 20/21

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Take it from a Baggage Handler, this is THE most genius heated boot bag to ever come to market. PERIOD. Charlie Webb just hit one way outta the park!  Why? You should never check ski boots in the first place. Boots are your most important piece of gear. Bags get lost. Why would anyone risk it?

  1. This bag fits in the overhead compartments of even the smallest Regional jets and planes such as the Q400. (If you're flying into remote Alberta or British Columbia, let alone Sun Valley or Aspen, this is critical.)
  2. It plugs into a wall or an auto power outlet.
  3. It's the size of a ski boot box, and it has carry handles and shoulder straps.
  4. It has enough room for socks, gloves and hats.
  5. There isn't another heated boot bag on the market that fits into the overhead compartments of smaller regional aircraft.  Planes such as the Airbus 310's & 320's are a difficult fit.
  6. On those planes, this bag allows room to put a separate bag on top without jamming them in. It's simply the best thing I've seen in a long time, but it won't be available until next Fall. Wait for it, you will be glad you did!
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