Scott USA Issue WC Strike Pole 2019

The Scott World Cup Strike is an excellent pole for the racer looking for a low profile and durability.
Scott USA
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Classic race style meets highest performance with the World Cup Strike Ski Pole from Scott. Scott's Notch Grip fits very ergonomically in your hands when you are ready to push out through the start house. The Ice Tip can punch through the firmest of race courses. The Strike RC Strap has a low profile that can wrap your wrist and not get hung up on gates. The S4 Aluminum Shaft is the strongest aluminum available, so you know it's good.



  • Shaft: S4 Aluminum, 18mm
  • S4 Aluminum: S4 aluminum poles are twice as strong as the industry standard.
  • Notch Grip: The lightweight, streamlined profile facilitates necessary wrist articulation.
  • Strike RC Strap: Strike straps are ergonomically engineered for right and left hand grips. They also feature a neoprene platform for increased hand support and a Velcro fastener for easy adjustment.
  • Race Basket:The Race Basket is designed to minimize drag and wind resistance when racing. This basket is featured on our slalom race poles.
  • Ice Tip:Made from a durable steel for perfect grip.
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