Tyrolia Peak 4.5 Junior Binding

The Tyrolia Peak 4.5 binding shares the same design as the SX 4.5 and makes for an excellent choice for your junior skier.
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The Tyrolia Peak 4.5 binding shares the same design as the SX 4.5 and makes for an excellent choice for your junior skier. 4.5 Din bindings are usually the best way to go for first time junior skiers from the smallest toddler to an aggressive skiing kid. This binding has Head/Tyrolia's SX Toe/Heel with a full diagonal release which helps the boot release to prevent injury. This binding is black and white so it will effortlessly match with any ski you pair it with without clashing. This binding has been a basic staple here at L9 for years because they are safe, great quality and we can offer them at a very reasonable price.

Composite Materials: The parts of the binding that need to be metal are made of steel, but the majority of the binding is a superdense, superlight plastic composite material. This gives the binding the ruggedness of a more metallic binding, without all the added weight.

SX Junior Toe with TRP System: It looks slick, but more importantly, allows up to 30% greater retention force without compromising safety. There are 4 rollers at the toe that remain flexible (spring loaded) at all times to keep the boot centered and to absorb sharp impacts.

ABS - Anti Blocking System: A rollable toe pad enabling no friction release for perfect release regardless of boot wear, icing up or dirt.

SX Kid Heel: The SX Kid Heel provides the little ones with the best in the latest technology and safety standards for bindings innovation and integrates the new kinematics to the younger set because safety is paramount always.

Duracoating: A protective seal on the binding to help reduce wear for looks and performance.

AFS Junior Anti Friction Slider: The innovative mechanical AFS automatically adjusts to the boot sole height, compensating A/C standards as well as height differences due to icing up, dirt or boot wear.

Adult or Child Boot Compatibility: This binding will allow the use of either Adult or Child labeled boots, which normally change between the 22.5 and 23.0 mondo sizes. This means you don't have to buy new bindings when your young one outgrows the size 22 boots and moves to size 23 boots. Automatic adjustment or a tab under the toe of the binding makes this adjustment, and your local ski technician can take the 15 seconds to show you.

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