Fischer RC One 82 GT Skis w/ RSW 11 GW 2020/2021

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Fast, fun, and fearless, the Fischer RC One 82 GT is an ideal companion for all snow on the firm to hard range. Best when used by a skilled pilot, the 82 GT loves to be on edge and in a carved turn. This ski returns unchanged for 2021, and carving enthusiasts could not be more thrilled. They've got a bit of heft to them, as the dense wood core is bolstered by Fischer's .5 mm titanal laminate. It's got an interesting shape to it, though, as it tapers in towards the tips and tails. This allowed Fischer to replace the heavy metal where it's not particularly needed with a lighter material. The Bafatex fiber that fills the void is typically used in competitive racing sails on boats works very well in this application. It's light but still stiff, and flexes in an infinite amount of directions as opposed to a more 2D carbon fiber. The end result is a ski that's not too difficult to get in and out of the turn, but when you're in it, you better hold on and be balanced. It's got the GS race ski type of feel when engaged, but also can be used in more recreational carving and skiing. At 82 mm underfoot, these things have torsional stiffness to spare, and can hold on the hardest snow on the planet.

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