Custom Boot Fitting

You can and should adjust the buckles on your boots for comfort, but for the best possible fit, you should come in to The Ski Shoppe and have our trained boot fitters have a look. Our professionals understand the mechanics of the boot and how it should support your fit, and have the equipment and expertise to modify the boot if necessary to achieve the perfect fit.

Custom Footbeds

The stock footbeds that come with new boots rarely match the shape or support needs of your feet. You can greatly improve the fit and comfort with after-market footbeds. Our staff can prepare a custom footbed for you, molded to the unique shape of your foot, providing ideal support and balance.

Cuff Alignment and Canting

The shape of the boot doesn't always match the shape of your leg. Our staff can check the alignment of the upper cuff to see if it is causing unnatural pressure points. We can also adjust the angling (canting) of the lower boot, where the sole makes contact with the binding. This adjusts the tilt of the entire boot to allow a more natural and comfortable stance.

Shell Modifications

If necessary, our staff can also alter the plastic shell of the boot itself to better accommodate the  unique personal shape of your feet. This can be particularly helpful for people with wide feet, bone spurs, or other special foot physiology. We have the specialized tools on site to grind, plane, or heat and reshape the boot to your individualized needs.