Tuning and Mounts

Our expert staff at The Ski Center LTD offers a full range of equipment services to make your skis perform at their best. In addtion, we provide specialized services for cross country, alpine touring, and alpine racing. Also ask us about our end of season service to prep your skis for storage over the summer to have them ready!

Ski and Snowboard Tuning & Mounting Services

Tuning your skis and board will make them ski better and last longer. It's like getting an oil change for your car, you simply have to do it. After spending a lot of money on your equipment, don't ruin the equipment by not properly caring for it.

Ski and board tuning is an essential part of snow sports. Just like a car’s engine, skis and boards need regular tune-ups to ensure optimal performance. After a tune-up, your equipment will be faster, grip the snow better, and they won’t hook or catch on snow or ice.

In short, regular tuning will help you have a great time on the hill.

How does professional ski tuning work?

Inspection The first thing our ski tuners will do when you come into the shop is inspect your skis for damage. Beyond the usual wear and tear, they’ll be looking for any scrapes or gouges caused by uneven terrain. Base damages can be fixed by using a technique called welding, which involves pressing hot melted PTEX plastic into the ski base.

Edge Sharpening Sharp edges are your ticket to carving down the slope like a pro. A sharpened ski will grip hard-packed snow and give you stability as you engage a turn. The Ski Center Ltd uses the Montana Crystal Rock robot which allows us to return your ski to its “factory settings.” That means the ski’s original base and side angles.

Base Grinding This process takes off a very fine layer of the base material (about the same thickness as your finger point), cleaning minor scratches and painting a glide-enhancing structure in your base.

Hot Waxing For those who demand the best glide, we offer a hand hot wax. Based on the specific snow temperatures this is a sure way to make you get down the hill fast.

How often should I tune my skis?

We get a lot of questions about how often you should tune or wax your skis. The answer to that question really depends on how often you ski and in what snow conditions, but the answer is still basically the same: Regularly.

Quite simply, the more you ski, the more wear and tear you’ll have on your skis, so “Regularly” will come in shorter intervals depending on how much time you spend on the slopes. We encourage our customers to have a tune done after 5 – 7 days on the snow. Snow conditions also have a variable effect on wear and tear; hard and icy snow will have a bigger impact on your equipment. More wear on the edges and more wear on the bases means you’ll need to tune those skis even more often.

Can I tune my skis at home?

Yes, like carpentry, ski tuning is a skill that anyone can learn to do at home with practice, patience and the right set of tools.

On the other hand, many pro skiers are happy to leave ski tuning to the professionals. It’s quick, convenient and cost-effective.

At Ski Center Ltd, our technicians handle thousands of skis per year. They have specialized machines and equipment to repair, sharpen, grind and wax skis with ease. It just makes sense to have it done by the pros.

Any tune is better than no tune

We’re the first to promote visiting a ski shop to get your skis serviced, but the reality is that not all professional ski tunes are of a professional quality. Good ski tunes come down to using the right equipment and having technicians who really know what they’re doing—and pay attention to the details. Not all ski shops get it right, so it’s worth doing your research on your ski shop and paying attention to the type of service they provide.

How do you know if you got a bad tune?

Your skis don't want to start the turn 

Your skis could be feeling too grippy, hard to start the turn. Detuning the tips and tails is a personal preference. (detuning means taking some sharpness out of the tips using a gummy stone.) Ski racers may not detune them at all, however, most people prefer a slight detune in the tips and tails to start the turn easier. Another reason is that your skis may not be flat. If your edges are higher than your base (which is not uncommon straight from the factory), your skis will want to track straight, making it harder for you to turn.

Our Montana Crystal Rock robot avoids this tune error by precision pressure applied when grinding and exact edge sharping avoiding these common errors made during a hand tune.

They don't grip at all, or grip too much

If your base edge bevel is less than 1 degree, your skis will feel like they want to catch. You'll feel like you're always on edge. Bevels mean putting an angle on the base and side edge. Almost a similar feeling than your skis being too sharp, but with a different cause. When bevels are uneven, they will turn erratically. If you have too much bevel, your skis will float and you'll feel like you never get a good edge. For most recreational skiers a 1 degree on the base edge, and 2 degrees on the side edge is optimal.

Our Montana Crystal Rock robot will have the perfect programmed edge bevel degree set when your equipment is sent through for tuning avoiding the errors that can occur when attempting this difficult task by hand.

Ski feels slow and sticky

You are using the wrong wax, or worse: no wax. Applying the right wax for the right condition is critical. If the wrong wax is applied at the wrong time of the season, they don't glide properly, which will make them harder to turn. There are different waxes designed for different temperatures. Harder waxes are designed for colder temps, softer waxes are designed for warmer temperatures. There is a lot of science about additives and specialty waxes to make your skis perform at their peak.  Bottom line: the wetter the snow, the more important wax becomes.

Our shop uses a world class wax machine used by the best professional skiers in the world to ensure that not only is the correct amount of wax applied, but the proper wax for the conditions where you plan on going.  We encourage our customers to come in often to wax (even if you don't need a tune).

Feel a vibration under your skis

Base structure matters. Most shops will put in a deep base structure because it looks nice and pretty, but really, a deep base structure is designed for softer snow. Base structure is designed to wick water away from the base. Which means cold snow requires fine structure for less drag, deep base structure will make your skis feel sticky in cold snow, and vice versa.

This is an area that our Montana Crystal Rock will excel beyond even the great technicians.  We have dozens and dozens of programmed structures that can be performed perfectly and consistently each time you visit to ensure that your base structure is the best one for the conditions in our area. You will visually see the difference between the time you drop off your equipment and when you get it back.

What makes a tune on the Montana Crystal Rock Different? 

Although our shop technicians are the best in the business, the Montana Crystal Rock robot can achieve consistency and precision that is simply not possible if done by hand.   The combination of our technician's skill and the capabilities of the robot result in an incredible result and experience for our customers on the snow.

A short list of advantages over doing it by hand include

  • Precise and steady angle
  • Exactly set side bevel programed to spec
  • Outstanding RACE EDGE quality surface
  • Grinds all functional areas from shovel to tail
  • Automatic pre- and finish stone grinding with consistent pressure curve
  • Grinding is gentle on the material due to machines consistent pressure on the surface
  • Excellent results even on corroded edges
  • Stepless side edge
  • Both edges tuned simultaneously using Two-sided High Tech Tuning (HTT) 
  • Capable of racing ski mode which meets world cup standard

Having your equipment tuned by our shop will simply have a noticeable change in your on-snow experience.

Montana Crystal Rock