Volkl Yumi 80 Flat 2021/2022

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The Volkl Yumi is a great frontside option for ladies in search of a light ski with a lot of energy for frontside carving. The Yumi 80 uses a lot of similar design features seen in some of Volkl's more powerful skis, but implements them in a much lighter and more forgiving fashion for a more easy-going ski experience. Starting with its construction, the Yumi 80 uses a multilayer wood core which is enhanced by a Fiberglass frame. This frame construction drives a lot of power into the edge of the ski for solid edge hold, and it also adds a very energetic feel to the ski without really adding any weight. With an 80-millimeter waist width, this ski is best suited to skiing on piste, but it still offers a bit more width than a true carving ski which allows for easier handling in softer conditions. The Yumi 80 also features a bit of tip and tail rocker which helps the ski plane through softer snow and allows for both easy turn initiation and lateral maneuverability. In other words, you won't find it hard to pivot the ski when you want to make shorter, more skidded turns. Volkl's 3D Radius Sidecut is also included in the shape of the Yumi 80. While not as pronounced as some of Volkl's other skis, a longer radius is shaped into the tip and the tail, while a shorter radius is built into the central portion of the ski. This also you to really make any turn shape you want without having to think about it too much. Rapidly progressing beginners and intermediate skiers will get a lot out of this ski at a great value.

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