Ski Center provides seasonal leases with a  full range of new and used ski and snowboard equipment! Skip the rental lines at the mountain, and get more out of each ski day on your trips, while saving money by leasing!

How it works:

  • Stop by the shop for us to measure all necessary sizes in order to provide you with the best possible equipment for your needs.
  • All lease equipment gets a one time free binding calibration/adjustment, edge service, and base service.
  • Receive your gear, and pay your deposit, which will be returned to you once you return your gear by the date.
  • Go ski! your gear is leased for the entire season, so no need to worry about returning it after each trip!
  • Return your gear by the date - Make sure to return your gear by the date we specify. If you are using them longer, call the shop to let us know!
  • If you plan on renting for the next season, roll over your deposit to ensure you get this seasons deposit rate for the next season!


2023-2024 Seasonal Ski Lease Rates:

Adult Lease Packages:

  • New Adult Ski/Snowboard Package: $319.95
  • New Adult Performance Ski Package: $369.95
  • Used Adult Ski/Snowboard Package: $259.95
  • Used Adult Performance Ski Package: $309.95

Junior Lease Packages:

  • New Junior Ski/Snowboard Package: $229.95
  • New Junior Twin Tip Ski Package: $249.95
  • Used Junior Ski/Snowboard Package: $189.95
  • Used Junior Twin Tip Ski Package: $209.95

2023-2024 Deposit Rates:

  • Adult Ski/Snowboard Packages: $200.00
  • Junior Ski/Snowboard Packages: $200.00
  • Adult/Junior Single Item Ski/Snowboard Only: $200.00
  • Adult Junior Single Item Boots Only: $100.00

Packages include skis/snowboards, bindings, and boots. 

Skis, Snowboards, and Boots are also available for rent on their own, so stop by to ask about pricing!