Turtle Fur Comfort Shell Totally Tubular: Upper Half 21/22

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It's our beloved Totally Tubular™, cut in half. That's half the length and half the weight, making this tube lighter and more functional for all of your outdoor adventures. It easily covers the nose and mouth, and falls just to the nape of the neck.

This lightweight tube is multi-functional, insanely soft, and offers coverage from sun, spray, windburn, and cold. Made of our proprietary Comfort Shell™ fabric, the Upper Half tube comes in at 10" in length - half the length of its parent product, the Totally Tubular™. When worn pulled up over the nose, the bottom should come to just shy of the nape of the neck, providing coverage for your nose and mouth. With bold striated color on both the outside and inside, and just one small seam up the back, it feels insanely soft against the skin, no matter how you wear it. This Upper Half is moisture-wicking, UPF 50+, breathable, and quick-drying - ready to tag along on every outdoor adventure. It can do double-duty as a neck warmer/scarf, sweat-wicking headband, hair pony, and more.

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