Le Bent Elyse Saugstad Pro Series Sock 21/22

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Introducing the Elyse Saugstad Pro Series - the world’s first women’s-specific backcountry sock!

This is version 2.0 of our world first, award winning, specific backcountry sock… but with a mighty twist! Pow(d)er couple Elyse Saugstad and Cody Townsend have spent years dominating burly lines and big mountain feats. Then after Cody spent several years detailing what would be required to make the best backcountry sock possible, so we stepped in to help make it possible. Along with our unique merino blend, technical know-how and Cody’s vision, this sock was built for the way up to send on the way down.

The Elyse Saugstad Pro Series has exactly the same technical features as the Cody Townsend Pro Series, with Elyse putting her mark on it by adjusting the sizing to be a more women’s specific fit. Slightly shorter in the foot length and leg of the sock. And finally, a stunning aesthetic which speaks to the mountains we play in.

Sorry Cody, you're not the only one who can take the crown on burly lines and big mountain feats in a darn-comfortable sock... you'll have to share that one with your wife!


1. Silicon Ankle Locks: strategically placed bonded silicone strips across the rear of the ankle, eliminating foot slip and avoiding the infamous anxious sock-bunch.

2. Silicone Cuff: once we started playing with silicone we immediately fell in love with it and went a step further, adding a silicone ring to the top cuff below the knee. Keeping socks standing tall, without claiming hairs, so you can break trail without your socks going flaccid.
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