Volkl Mantra V-Werks Flat 2021/2022

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Lightning fast on the up, and super-fun on the down, the Volkl Mantra V-Werks Skis are an amazing offering from Volkl that aims to bring a new level to the alpine touring world. Last year, you probably wouldn't tour on a Mantra. This year you can! By adding the Mantra to the lightweight, carbon-backed V-Werks line, Volkl has added a new weapon to its series. Many skiers use only the lifts, many also do not. Then there's the middle ground-the skiers who both ski uphill and ride the lifts. For those people (and others), having a Mantra that you can tour on is a unique opportunity. Usually you have to give up some type of performance, whether it's weight on the up or stability on the down. Volkl is trying to buck that notion with the Mantra V-Werks, and it's going to work. With a wood core, metal layer, and carbon jacket, the Mantra V-Werks creates a category all of its own. At 99 mm underfoot, the skis are right in that sweet spot of being able to handle fresh powder and hard pack all in the same run. With an topsheet and skin pin holes, the Mantra V-Werks is ready to tour and rip. For the downhill, the skis have a rocker/camber/rocker profile that makes it ideal for this type of versatile skiing. The 20.8-meter turn radius at 178 cm length is great for a variety of turn shapes and styles, and you'll love the overall performance of this dual-purpose setup.

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