Volkl Secret 96 Flat 2021/2022

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The Volkl Secret 96 women's skis fill a nice niche in the all-mountain category for expert skiers who are looking for that mid-90's ski to take them anywhere and anywhere that skiing and snow exists. We talk a lot about the mid-90's skis and their ability to be everything to every expert skier, from deep carves to floaty through the fresh, and competent and precise in the bumps and trees. The Secret 96 basically eliminates the need for any other ski. You may want other skis as well, and we're not going to stop you, but from a "need" perspective, this is the one you "need." Built as a twin to the M6 Mantra but with a different graphic and different sizes available, the Secret 96 is a burly ski but is a lot more approachable than you may think. Quick edge to edge, the Secret 96 is the beneficiary of Volkl's 3D Radius Sidecut, allowing the skier to make any shape of turn at any time and in any conditions or terrain. This makes it a lot more intuitive to carve at turn at any speed. Shorter turns underfoot and longer in the tips and tails, the Secret 96 is smooth and precise at the same time. It's this ability to hold multiple personalities at the same time that will make the Secret 96 a perennial winner in this crowded all-mountain category, but it earns it well.

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